not 0 on powerout

On the 9/10 between 12.00 and 12:45 I got the perfekt test on my Fluksos, A poweroutage.
Sadly all of them showed some watts even though there should be none.
the highest recording was 9028 watts.
All 10 clamps where steady in their readings troughout the poweroutage.

Is there som calibration to do or is there another explanation?


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Can you describe your setup? 10 clamps.

It is normal for there to be phantom readings on CC's but of a few watts, not 9000.

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We consume approx. 2.5Gwh per year.
We grow, store and pack vegetables and are one of the biggest in sweden.
Our biggest consumer are refrigerantcompressors which stand for almost 50%.

from the distributionpoint I have several lines that are 3 parallell lines from point to point, because these cabels can be very stubborn to lay down and its easyer to move 3 smaller cabels than 1 big.
Because of this I decided to use only 1 clamp per distribution so in som cases there are 3*3 phases but only one clamp.

I have 9 clamps, each one on 1 of 3 phases or 1 of 9 phases.
mostly 500A but some 250A.

I have made my own diagram that multiplies the data with either 3 or 9.