Power outlet wall measure plug

Hi! I think getting information about global consumption is interesting, but don't you think it would be intetesting to manage measuring systems that plug in a specific power outlet, in order to determine an individual device consumption? Do you consider making this possible?

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Hi Yann,

The fine people at Fraunhofer ITWM in K'lautern are developing an open source, wireless home automation bus called the Hexabus [1]. It's transmitting in the 868Mhz ISM band running a 6LoWPAN stack. The first hardware unit will be a plug capable of measuring energy consumption. A solid-state relay is also included. The hardware has been demo-ed at the previous two elektro:camps [2]. So it's definitely not vapor-ware.

Did I mention it's open source. So you can take it, rip it apart and improve it in any way you can imagine?

[1] https://github.com/mysmartgrid/hexabus/wiki
[2] https://www.flukso.net/content/elektrocamp201110


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Hi Yann, hi Bart,

thanks for pointing out that HexaBus is no vaporware. Actually, my manufacturer promised me that I will receive a pallet of devices by Tuesday :-) The wiki that Bart pointed you to is the definite resource on HexaBus right now. The plug looks like this:


We are also implementing a nice protocol for the configuration of the plugs [2], along with the development of additional devices. We currently have a push button, the plugs, hacked plugs that also transmit temperature data [1]. Additional devices are comming up [3].

If you look at our network graph, you'll see that we're really busy developing the software infrastructure:


You can flash the devices over-the-air using a builtin bootloader, so updating the software does not force you to open the device. And if you miss something here - just hack it the way you like. We will sell the HexaBus plug for approx. 30 Euros. The current details are not yet worked out, but soon things will happen. For the impatient: You can send me an email, and I try to work something out.


[1] https://github.com/mysmartgrid/hexabus/wiki/Hexabus-temperature-sensor
[2] https://github.com/mysmartgrid/hexabus/wiki/Hexabus-Concepts
[3] https://github.com/mysmartgrid/hexabus/wiki/Proposed-Hexabus-Devices

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Hello Mattias,

Bart already told me about the devices you are developing and it is great to hear that you're about to receive the first batch. Thumbs up to develop this as open hardware and by implementing an open protocol.

A question: I see from the reply of Bart the you're using a solid state relay in the Plug. Is this true, as the schematic shows a mechanical relay as far as I can see.
The reason I ask this: I wonder if your plug is completely silent? Comparable devices from existing vendors use a mechanical relay that 'buzzes' slightly and this is really a deal breaker when I want to use the plug to control devices in the living room.

Best regards,

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This is wireless right?
Make it communicate over AC and I'm sold.... I've been looking for YEARS for a small plug device that can switch AC (measuring is a bonus, so is dimming), and communicates over the AC grid in a homeplug style way (even homeplug compatible?)
Since this is low speed comms, this should work fine.

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Great concept. How expensive do you target the devices to be?
Are they going to be better priced then comercial solutions like a z-wave that are prohibitve in cost now.

The next device you IMHO you need to develop is a in wall relay that can be mounted behind exisitn sockets wiht screw terminals.

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I'm really interessted in these plugs to extend my home automation thingy (currently toyed around with FS20 (unreliable, only one-way-communication) and EMEM (energy measuring plug from ELV; only 4 plugs possible in the system though), Plugwise (closed source, so will stay a pain to support), any hint on when or where they will be available?