Pulse Meter

Do pulse meters pulse on import and export if in a net situation?

Can they be configured to pulse in import only?

Whats a decent single phase pulse meter?

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I'm using the Carlo Gavazzi EM10 and the Estron SMD 120D, the Elkato WZ12DE-32 and the Eastron SMD220 Modbus. These work fine.


This diagram shows where the pulse or din rail meter is placed for measuring the production of the PV, the consumption of the whole house and consumption of induvidual consumers such as the heat pump boiler.


This diagram shows how it all fits together, and where I can see it in real time.


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There are different pulse meters on the market that offer unidirectional or bi-directional sensing; you have to consult the specification for that. Partly they are even configurable...

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what program is running on the tablet?


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Thanks Wizzopa. I remember now. Getting a new tablet soon. Will add it on cheers :)