Put alerting into it

Maybe a nice add-on would be a kind of alerting based on fe tresholds. Ideal would be sms based.

I'm thinking about alerts in case of:
1. More then 10.000W usuage of electricity
2. Double intake of gas consumption
3. More then 120 liter on minutes

With this, people could trigger alerts for their needs. I'm personally intrested in the last one. Last time, we had a water valve that was broken. Luckly we were at home. But what if we were not? 1000 of liters could been spoiled...

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would be a great feature! +1

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Actually, the threshold alerting code for Flukso was written some time ago. It seemed to be working just fine, sending out an email every time the alert was raised and cleared. Alerts can be set as low-to-high or high-to-low. However, I never got around building the user interface for configuring the thresholds. This might be a good opportunity to get this code beta-tested externally. So if you're interested, just let me know the sensor id, the threshold value and whether you want a low-to-high or a high-to-low alert for that specific sensor. I'll then configure this directly in the Flukso database.

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Let me know where I can help/test.
My sensorID for the water is: 3d6e4422977869dcd01dc1fc5e09d447

Since i just use for most water application in my house 'rainwater', i don't see huge water consumption (bath, shower, (dish)wash-machine...). So i was thinking about:
Thresholds on

      1. Max 150 liter (bathtub?)
      2. Max duration of running water: 20 minutes (= approx bathtub 150 / 7 (7l / min))

For electricity / gas it's a bit more tricky. I'm thinking when it could be useful. Maybe something like a threshold for 1000 W / 10 minutes? I'll ask my girlfriend to bake a cake this weekend and check the graphs for this. ;)

ps do you see possibilities for sending a sms? For the water, this can be very interesting (fe when you're at work, you could call your neighbor to check your water/close the valve). I'm trying to get this up and running on my local monitoring server. But i'm struggling with my SIP provider for the sms feature. ;)

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Actually, i would like to have this feature for notifications via e-mails. Today i had a water leak of 6 liters per minute, . Luckily i checked the flukso website this morning so I could go home from work to turn the water off.
lost about 1000 l so e-mail alerts would help a lot in this case.

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Is the offer to test this still standing? I would like to know when the consumption goes above 3kW or below 50W (does this also trigger if there is no data for e.g. >10 min)? 6417c917418a4740533977a1cd1c00d4
best regards

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Working with https://ifttt.com/ like the Smappee ?

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Any update on this? Would be great enhancement, today lost 10.000 liter due to leak :-(

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Would this work at the FLM2 also, I'm highly interested for our vacation rental for the water.

Is it not possible to export data (mosquitto ?) simply to a private website to write there the necessaire code ?

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A limited IFTTT implementation where a Maker webhook could be triggered would be a goot start.

It's just a matter of sending a GET request to https://maker.ifttt.com/

Having it called when a certain threshold over a defined period is reached could allow to detect water leaks as well as severe electrical problems.

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@icarus75 : do you have any news regarding this ?

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I also would like to try to get some alerting. Any news?

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I'm trying to get this working by using home assistant, Node-RED and the MQTT broker of the flukso. The values of the electricity, water and gas sensors are already showing up in home assistant and i'm now learning node-RED to get the automations done. Might be a good route for other users to explore if they want notifications.

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Hi! I lack every programming skill whatsoever, but am very interested in some form of being alerted. A couple of years ago, our water bill turned out to be1200€ extra due to an undiscovered leak. You can imagine I would like to avoid that by any means possible. I've installed a FLM, but is there an end-user way I can get even more security?