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HI everyone
can anyone help how to add AC Voltage in pv output with flukso?
I'm using CT and OS and I'm exporting to pvoutput the data, I also want to visualize the AC voltage in the chart.
I have already associated the correct APIs and Token with each monitoring and it is working correctly.


Thank you in advance.

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I see that you have already consumption and generation enabled in PvOutput.
To add more you have to do it in donation mode, so that you can enable for example water and gas from your Flukso.
I did it once ...
Now to enable voltage trough the Flukso in my way, you need to use an extra pulse input ans use something like i did for temperature once: temp > voltage > pulses.
It was an DIY project with electronics, so i don't know if it is something you can do ?
In your case that will be: voltage > pulses depending on 230 V ac tension i think.
Perhaps i can help you further ?
Dutch is my native language ...

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thanks for the reply. I already have all the inputs in use except the 7.
In pvoutput I already have 4 systems online I made the donation logically.
Thanks for the tip.
GEBHARDM what do you think of this? You have solution?

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As you ask: The FLM v3 (and only this is currently capable to do so) indeed outputs the voltage as a gauge value via its MQTT publishing. There are dedicated/own (!) sensor IDs (even though the FLM measures just one phase's voltage...) for this, which you easily could obtain using mosquitto_sub

  1. mosquitto_sub -h <local FLM ip address> -v -t /sensor/+/gauge

You will get a lot of readings, inbetween there are some with the voltage:
  1. /sensor/<the sensor id in questrion>/gauge [1487508727, 238.191, "V"]

Using this respective sensor id you may try to invoke this as a further sensor in pvoutput.
Note: Using MQTT here is just to get the respective sensor id(s) easily; you may also fiddle them out of the sensor configuration published on
  1. mosquitto_sub -h <local FLM ip address> -v -t /device/+/config/sensor

Here you can search for "subtype":"vrms".
The issue is, that I am not aware that these values are either transmitted to flukso.net or transmitted via the RESTful API which is a prerequisite to show them in pvoutput.
Thus, I assume that the voltage is currently just visible in flmlocal (and thus in the internet if you open your FLM's port 80...)