Query with Flukso chart comparisons

Hi Bart,

we have a situation where a mate and I compare our household energy use via
the Flukso charting tool.

We have only just realized that when we are both logged into Fluko, the charts which should be identical are in fact quite different.
While the spikes in energy use look about right, the scale on the side of the chart and the averages, maximum readings etc, are all quite different.

I have taken a screen capture of both charts (when logged in concurrently from different machines) at almost precisely the same time and attached it as an example.

Is there something wrong with the way we are seeing the charts, shouldn't they be the same?

Flukso Chart Comparison - Day dashboard View.doc331 KB
Flukso Chart Comparison - hourly dashboard view.doc256 KB
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See hourly chart just added, also showing same issue. Energy use spikes match but the chart grid is different and the min, max, avg numbers show no relation.

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I am using the New charts.
https://www.flukso.net/chart#electricity/hour (Use mouse for inst values of ensors.)
not the one you show (Dash)

Do you both have your sensors set at the same voltage? or multiplier?


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Have a look at the y-axis dimension. One of you [townsville_QLD] has the chart unit set to aud/year, while the other one [Kneipp13] has it set to watt. Different units/dimensions lead to different metrics.


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Hmm... the new charts look nice...

When will they be released for the plebs ;-)?