Question regarding LAN setup


A long time user here and have a V2 and V3 fluksometer now.
The V2 had 1 LAN port which gets an IP address and is available through my home network. Happy days there.
The V2 has 2 LAN ports (WAN and LAN). If I read the manual correct the WAN is uplink and the LAN is downlink.

So just to be sure. This is the behaviour I have at this point:
If I connect the internet to WAN the heartbeat is ok and data is uploaded to the Flukso service. However I'm not able to open the GUI as I only receive a ping on the IP address given by my router.
If I connect my laptop directly to the LAN port I can connect to the device on and configure everything.
If I connect both the WAN and LAN to my switch (and the internet) the internet is working but the device GUI can not be reached.

Is it somehow possible to change the management IP for LAN to the range of my network (192.168.0.X) and be able to both connect the WAN port which is getting an IP from my router and the LAN port with fixed IP in the same range so I can connect to the GUI without needing to physically connect my laptop to the LAN port.

All suggestions / feedback whether I'm missing something here are highly appreciated.



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