R232 release notes

Release 232 is the first Fluksometer release using OpenWRT 12.09.1, which itself is based on Linux kernel version 3.3.8. Nearly all subsystems were impacted as a result of this migration. For stability reasons, no other significant architectural changes were made to the Flukso codebase. OpenWRT 12.09.1 comes with a new ath5k wifi driver for Atheros targets. This fully open-source driver should result in a more stable wifi connection on FLMs compared to the Madwifi one used in previous releases.

Further r232 highlights:

  • bugfixes to the Dutch P1 port telegram parser
  • support for the French P1 port, a.k.a. télé-info client
  • the mosquitto broker version is bumped to 1.2.1
  • improved wpa/wpa2 mixed mode configuration support in the local UI
  • 802.11 regulatory rules were changed from US to BE, permitting the use of channels 12 and 13 in the 2.4GHz band

Known issues:

  • Real-time readings are not correct for pulse inputs with meter constants that are is not an integer fraction, see this forum post. So constants like 0.5, 0.25, 0.2, 0.1 will work correctly with the real-time interface, while 0.625 and 0.4 will cause bogus values. This bug does not impact the readings on api.fukso.net.

As with r223, everyone with a Fluksometer serial in the FL02xxxxxx or FL03xxxxxx range can now upgrade his FLM via a simple click on the settings (cogwheels in the top right corner) > devices page. The actual upgrade will take place on the next hourly FLM heartbeat. Make sure to keep your FLM humming during a scheduled upgrade.

Update 22/12/13: Make sure to clear your browser's cache before accessing the FLM's local configuration page with the new firmware.