Reading,saving and viewing Data locally in graph format?

Is there a way to do this please?
Can the same data as seen on the page be saved/viewed locally direct from Flukso meter?

If so is there an application that allows you to slide/scroll back to see previous data/history in a continuous stream/line/graph?

I would find this usefull to monitor my Solar output.

Cheers Bazzle

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Im guessing there is no way :(

It would of been useful to see live data locally.


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The data can be seen "locally" as well but ... ONLY THE DATA
read chapter 3.6 retrieving data in realtime

there is no "gui" on the device itself... also it has no "harddrive" the data will get lost when power is dropped... also it will show only a "fixed" interval in minutes
I guess you could add a "gui" for this but it will leave less space for "cache" when there is an internet issue...

you could do the "gui" on your android phone (or a chumbby) or your own hosted webserver?

an application still needs to be written as you describe...
at the moment Flukso stores it into an rrd-database... which means it will overwrite data over time for your device/sensors... or pivot it to the next level (month/day/hour) so you can only compare the "totals" of each day but not the a nice "hour" interval of "today" and "yesterday"

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Many thanks for the reply. I had a look at that section in the manual but it was like French to me :( (Im Australian)

Seriously I dont understand what it says but can that data be saved continuously into a networked pc and graphed or outputted to ?

OK had another read. Do I just get the block of text from the manual and add it to the windows 'Run" command?
As in a program that runs from there?



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I ran the procedure in Linux Fedora, but Ubuntu,... will go as well..
Check if curl is installed and if not ... install it (yum -install ...)
I ran it in Windows 7 under VM Workstation simulating a bootable linux environment.
You have to list your sensor id's and replace the sensor id by your id's.
I added the necessary so I was able to list all info once every minute.
Needless to say the output should be written in a "file" or Database.

curl -v "