Running other commands

Am i able to run other commands on the flukso like call a script with cron?
I want to put my data from inverter on pvoutput and dont want to have to purchase another meter for the flukso to read the inverter. I Was wondering if i could get cron to run my script to upload my inverter to pvoutput while flukso takes care of all my consumption

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I use one Flukso to download both solar input and consumption.
You can use either 2 current clamps or as I have 2 din rail pulse meters wired to flukso.

Im guessing by meter you mean another pulse meter.
Do you have a spare current clamp?
There is no messing around with data this way. You just tell PVoutput its a Flukso with 2 directions.

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without running 2 flukso's i can't measure my solar as its about 30m away.

i was hoping i could run a php script and cron task (on the flukso) to run it every 5 minutes to collect and send the inverter data directly to pvoutput

it appears to be linux based but i don't have much knowledge with linux and don't want to stuff it up

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I have a pulse meter for my water in the water housing. Its 30M away. I ran a bit of cat5 cable around the edge of the garden and wired onto the Flukso side terminal strip.
Doubled up 2 similar colour pairs to reduce resistance or propensity for damage.