Schlumberger G4 Meter

I have a Schlumberger G4 Meter, although it is very similar to the Actaris meter, there is no real place for the readswitch, and the reed switch does not respond. The last digit does have a reflective 0, so I want to create a pulse with a CNY70.

#1 Is there a simple way to buy the complete circuit, Enymate seems to be sold out, RFXCOM seems to be working on a new model.

#2 Is it possible to drive the circuit of one of the ports in the Fluksometer?

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P.S really nice product, did not expect such a professional product and packaging when i ordered it online.

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1/ If you've got a 'reflective' digit, then the circuit should be quite straightforward. When you keep port 6 disabled, the 'a' branch of the RS485 will output 3.3V. You can use that for driving the LED and phototransistor. The + input of ports 4 and 5 have their internal pull-up of 30-60k already activated. So it should be just a matter of hooking up the open-collector output of the phototransistor to input 4 or 5.

2/ Yes, see 1/

PS: Thanks for the feedback!

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I have the same meter.
I wondered if you found a solution yet.