Setup an API Server


I have managed to get the Flukso device image compiled and flashed onto the device - now I am trying to replicate the API server.

I hope that I am right is assuming that the API server receives the data from the device and it is written in Erland and WebMachine.

I am coming across several issues that I want to both point out for anyone following me and/or get help on if anyone has an answer,

Firstly, it appears that OpenWRT does not correctly return DNS values if they are on a private IP range. For example, if you set up to point to, you will get an invalid response from dig or nslookup.

I had to create a entry in the /etc/hosts file - - just so ping will work.

Secondly, are there any instructions anywhere on how to set up the API server. At the moment I can get WebMachine working standalone, but when I run ./, I get a MySQL error. I have created a database and user with the matching passwords already. But no tables.

Where can I get the "logger" table structure required by the API?

Any pointers would be greatfully accepted.



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Hi Geoff,

For the DNS issue, see the flukso-dev mailing list thread [1].

The API part of the server is indeed Erlang/Webmachine-based. The website itself is running on a Drupal core. Both access a commom mySQL database. Getting the entire setup right from scratch isn't that straightforward. In June I was thinking of writing a sort of debootstrap script that would configure a Flukso XEN VM from scratch [2]. But I didn't press forward because:
1/ the Flukso server architecture is in constant flux
2/ getting everything right out-of-the-box would mean a ton of work (e.g.nginx setup with SSL certs)



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Thanks Bart,

I had a proper look at the Drupal database again and the "logger_" tables are in-fact there!!! I missed them the first time I looked.

I am trying to get this Erlang+WebMachine+Flukso API server running - I am recording the process so when I get it all worked out, I'll post back the instructions.

The big issues I have had so far is that the DNS did not resolve to a local IP address (as mentioned above) and getting a hole through IPTables for port 8000.

Are there any tricks you can think of that may be helpful? Anything is good?



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There only seems to be tables for

* logger_devices
* logger_meters

in the Drupal database. But the Flukso code also refers to other tables...

* logger_tokens

Would it be possible to get a SQL dump of the current database schema please?

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I'm trying to build my own server. I have been working several days on it because I'm new with all this stuff. So far I've installed and configured drupal 6 with flukso theme and all the modules needed.
The problem is when I try to install "services" module in order to run RESTapi (flukso API). I can't get "services" module for drupal 6.x, it only exists for version 7.x; If I update drupal to version 7, none of the flukso modules are compatible... So, I think on two possible solutions:

1.- Could someone send me the "services" module compatible with drupal 6, please?
2.- Have you already upgraded the code to drupal 7?

Thank you for your help! :D