similar system?

Is this system similar to this circuit by circuit system from "PowerhouseDynamics"

I'm an architect in the US working on a couple high efficiency remodels and we are interested in some relatively fine grain analysis of the systems of the house. For power usage we want to be able to monitor circuit by circuit (we wont need to catch every circuit just the key ones...)maybe 10 to 15 each unit. Is flukso something that would make sense to use in this case?

While I am here I might as well ask.
I'm also looking for something that allows me to monitor the performance of my walls. Something like this but that doesn't require a monthly service agreement. This system has sensors you leave in the walls after construction. They track temperature, relative humidity and wood moisture content.

Thanks for any help.

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Nice unit :)
Pity about the high initial cost and the monthly monitoring and bi-yearly fees and costs :(

Flukso2 is similar in the fact it can report current (power) from monitored circuits.
It has a limited number of analogue and digital inputs.
Others here do monitor seperate circuits as required using more than one unit.
I now use Solar generation and total power consumed only.
(After a while the interest wanes....)

The graphs here: from
and the Flukso 'Chart" page:
(Note..snapshot pix)
Give me all the data I think is required for a home system.

This android app:
allows you to monitor remotely and I use it to see circuit loadings instantly by adding or removing appliances to see power consumption change.
All for FREE ;)