Simple Flukso and PV installation?


I'm a bit confused by different forum posts: can I easily install a Flukso with my existing PV installation?
I have one phase in my house, and a PV installation. But my PV converter is up two floors, can I easily track it with a Flukso which also measures energy usage or generation towards the grid?
Sorry for the newbie question!


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I assume the PV inverter goes to the main switchboard? If so you can pick it up there along with your consumption.
Yes it can be made to show Generation and consumption.

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So I can simply put one clamp around the wire from the PV inverter to the main switchboard and another one on the wire from the grid? That would be great.
How does the Flukso know the difference between generation and consumption?

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Each sensor you give a different name, for ex.:
Sensor 1 = consumption will have a red curve on the graphic
Sensor 2 = generation will have a blue curve, both visible on one graphic with name Electricity.
To see a graphic, look in other topic's, where there are links posted to print screens ans here on in the dash when you are not logged in.