Simple solution to minute view -

Hey, I have long used a flukso on a holiday house I own, that in a few years will become my primary residence. Fantastic device! (nice house too!).

Though I have often struggled with the minute live view. I read around and understood it to be related to newer security settings when browsers see a mixture of element types on the same page. Sure there are work around's, but I always found that to be a pain as everything would whine at you about being less secure - which ... is true anyways.

So I just downloaded a different browser - Midori.

Its not great - and I would NEVER use it for *anything* else. But now I have the Flukso page as its home page and the minute view works just fine.

I'm sure other similar lightweight browsers would do the trick. I cant be bothered looking for one as this is doing what I intended for it to do. Previously I just viewed it on the iPhone or iPad.

Figured this info might help others out there to find a quick fix for the Minute view issue. Have fun!

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Thanks to share this .
I know the Midori browser from being used in Bhodi Linux.

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Tried it, thanks..good for the minute tab etc ...

Ah ah ... still stops after about 15 minutes though for me.
Did come up instantly though :)