Site changes has undergone a small refresh:

  • There's a new Flukso manual available in both English and Dutch. We've added step-by-step pictures of the installation procedure and screenshots of the configuration pages. There's a troubleshooting section as well that can help solve specific installation issues.
  • In popular demand is a straightforward way to export sensor timeseries data. So we've added a CSV export button to the dash interface. A simple button click will convert the current data points shown on the chart to a downloadable CSV file.
  • The FLM03 can now measure negative power, i.e. injection into the grid, as well as consumption. We log this negative power in a separate sensor, which will now be shown in the sensor list as well as rendered on the dash. The injection sensor carries the same name as the consumption one, with a trailing '-'.
  • Newly created accounts will have their sensors configured as private instead of shared within Flukso by default. Changing the privacy setting is still possible under the respective configuration tab.

We hope you like the refresh. As always, all comments are welcome!


petur's picture

Great job! Thanks.

I should really upgrade to FLM03. The one thing that is holding me back is that it will disrupt my graphs.
Would it be possible to have the FLM03 also (in parallel) generate/fake the FLM02 measurements?
Am I getting off-topic? ;)

icarus75's picture

You can associate multiple FLM's with a single Flukso account. Readings of both FLMs will be plotted on the chart. They will however use different sensor id's (and sensor names).

petur's picture

I know, but I would I would sell the old FLM (or give to friend/family), and my nitpick is that the meaning of the measurements has changed so you can't compare any more.

And what happens if I sell the device - can I keep the old readings on the chart and the sold device gets new unique id's? Does the stale ID's stay for ever?

I could do with a bit more migration friendliness ;)