Solar Connection

Team, I am trying to connect my 100A CT to my PV System to record solar production as well as solar being sent to the grid.

Is there anything special I need to do to my Flukso?
I have V2B

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Note that PV inverters may have a reactive load, thus show a "production" also when they most likely shouldn't, e.g. at night. This cannot be mitigated with a current clamp, just with a pulse counter.
Production you measure at output of the inverter directly.
What is sent to the grid is then "just" the difference to consumption, if all is on the same phase. Electrons are rather lazy.
See for some more details. There is also a hack of the flm's firmware to add on-flukso display. See - old by now, but still working.

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Thanks, I apply this firmware hack some time ago.
Thanks for the info!