Solar panel metering not visible in graph

Let me first explain my setup, which is -I think- a bit different the most others-

Since I want to meter gas + water + electricity + solar and I have a 3 phase without N net, I can't use clamps, since I don't have enough ports for that.

This is what I've done:

port 0: (which is always analog) --> not used
port 1: pulse --> gas: works perfectly
port 2: pulse --> water --> works perfectly
port 3: pulse --> connected to my din rail PV meter (see attachment)

other ports not used yet.
I'm planning to use port 4 as pulse for metering my 3 phase electricity, but didn't find an affordable (second hand?) DIN rail meter yet...

Anyhow, it seems that my PV meterings are not visible on the site..
Is this because I didn't use port 0, or is there another reason?


IMG_20140619_215256.jpg1.44 MB
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Did you check in the syslog if pulses are registered by the eMeter? If not, is the polarity of the cable connection correct? (water/gas don't care, but eMeter with transistor switch must be correctly attached - just switch the wires)

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Ouch! I should have known that.
Indeed, I switched the wires and I immediately got my readings!

Thanks !