Sold Out

We've had a spike in orders lately, including some sizable ones. A big thanks to all of you!

In order to be able to service all current requests, we unfortunately have to announce that we've run out of Fluksometers as of today. But don't despair, since there's more, bigger and bolder coming in the near future. So stay tuned! You can send us your coordinates via the contact form if you would like us to keep you updated on Fluksometer availability.

Update: We're back in business, see the announcement.


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Seems like I just ordered in time :D

congratulations and keep it up!

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Any news from the solder-all-smd-items-to-the-PCB front ?

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The pre-production run of the Fluksometer v2 is now ongoing. PCBs have been manufactured, the mold design is completed. We are testing the latest hardware revision and waiting for completion of the mold production.