Some code to display realtime sensors data to a web page and access from anywhere.

I wanted to find a solution to get a peek from work on the realtime "minute" data coming from Flukso box.
But the dash page don't allow this.
Therefore, built I a little web page with javascript and google graph for that purpose.

This solution needs some special proxying configuration on the Apache server to overcome the cross-domain restriction of the Javascript. This case is explained inside the file index.html in the tutorial.

Please if you try it at your home, let me know if you got some success.


I have corrected a bug in the WAN/LAN decision in the javascript code. See index.html.tar attached file which must replace the one in the package.

flukso_wan_realtime.tar110 KB
index.html_.tar10 KB
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I use a vpn connection to my home ....

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Sooo... I downloaded the files.
What do I do now?


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How do I get it to see my output?

Thanks Bazzle

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A tutorial is in the top of the index.html...

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Can something like this be put in the "www" folder of the FLM02 device itself? I am not sure if it runs Apache by default but it can be installed on OpenWRT. That would be cool!