SSH over wifi


I found a nbr of posts mentioning that by changing the firewall settings you could SSH into the Flukso over WIFI which would avoid my lazy A standing in the cold in the garage :-)

eg Post:

I checked under /etc/config/firewall and I do see :

"config 'zone'
option 'name' 'wan'
option 'output' 'ACCEPT'
option 'forward' 'REJECT'
option 'masq' '1'
option 'mtu_fix' '1'
option 'input' 'ACCEPT'

(file upload gives a JS error otherwise I would have attached a screenshot)

** WHAT should I do more or am I missing ? **

Other then that, I probe already working (both by doing the logread -f and on the dashboard), trying to figure out the right wire in my box to monitor my PV output...


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You should indeed modify the 'wan' setting in /etc/config/firewall. More specifically, this rule should be present:

  1. option 'input' 'ACCEPT'

Then restart the firewall:

  1. /etc/init.d/firewall restart

And you should be all set to ssh into the FLM from your confy couch.