throw your flukso readings into zabbix

More than a year ago I tried to put the flukso readings into my own database. Surely that's something that has to be carefully thought of, which I didn't. What I needed was a server where I can put in all my measurements I take (without rewriting it). Since we use zabbix at work to monitor all our hosts and containers I came up with the idea to use it for my own measurements as well.
And it's simple: zabbix does all the work for you. I decided to leave the readings as posted by the flukso and let zabbix do the transformation. With zabbix you set up how long your data is kept until it's transformed to trend data, triggers can be set up to alarm you, and so on. Ok zabbix seems to be overkill for this job, but I'm already using it for many of my measurements. So I gave it a try.
I checked in a first working php version of a proxy redirecting the flukso's data to my zabbix server and at the same time.
have a look at: