Time of Flukso site incorrect

Is it possible to get the time displayed on the site for readings to be correct?
Its off by a good few hours.

The region in user settings is Johannesburg which is correct for the location (South Africa).

The times are off by a few hours though.
I don't have access to the Flukso remotely till i head back to South Africa though, so if I need to change it there will need to wait.

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If someone can connect a computer with 2 networkcars onto the network on which your Flukso is situated, you could take over to check and/or adjust the Flukso settings.

You can use for example a laptop (WiFi + wired) over TeamViewer or LogMeIn.

You need someone to connect the laptop by wire and by WiFi and start TeamViewer to be able to access it remotely.
Once that is done, you kan take over the computer and change the networksettings of one of the networkcards (in case of a laptop, it will be the WiFi-networkcard or LAN-card).

If you change the IP-address to (example) and subnet to, you should be able to connect tot the Flukso meter by surfing to

Hope it's clear enough and that this may help you.

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I though the Flukso uses GMT?