Uninstalled smart-main sensors reason of non-working minute tab?

Hello Bart,

I refer to the following thread, where Johan Crols got his minute tab working by deleting the smart main sensors, which are being installed automatically:


Maybe that's the reason my minute tab is not working either. I also have a smart main-electricity and a smart main-gas sensor I didn't install myself. So is it possible to disable them both?

I let you know the result as this can be interesting for more people with this problem......

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I've just disabled the smart-main sensors on your FLM. Let me know the result.

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Great, Bart!
The minute tab is now (finally) working as it has to, without changing any setting in the browser!

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If anyone else would like to disable the smart-main sensors, just ssh into your Fluksometer, then execute following commands in the shell:

  1. root@flukso:~$ uci set flukso.7.enable=0
  2. root@flukso:~$ uci set flukso.8.enable=0
  3. root@flukso:~$ uci commit
  4. root@flukso:~$ fsync

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working here ,
only in my IE v11 though...
after changing i had to give it a minute or so before i got real time data

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further testing;

chrome v36 : no
Firefox v31 : no

in a virtual XP box:
midori : y
Maxthon : y
ie8 : y

firefox v13 (old firefox portable) : y
firefox v31 : no

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On my Yosemite beta Mac in Safari 8.0: it works!

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Minute tab also running OK in FF 31 (Yosemite beta) with mixed content enabled.

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So we now have 3 methods for observing minute changes in electricity consumption: Bart's 'minute tab', Markus's GUI implementation of the MQTT broker, both accessible through a browser and MQTT itself pumping out raw data in a terminal window.

To my mind, Markus's way of representation is better suited when observing e.g. on and off switching an 8 W LED bulb or seeing a washing machine suddenly run at full power. Flukso's 'minute tab' is probably more revealing when trying to detect changes over a slightly longer period of time (5 to 10 minutes).

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For the interest of the MQTT-panel users: https://github.com/gebhardm/flmdisplay/tree/master/combined now holds also a variant with a "five-minutes-tab" beside the panel views with switchable sensors (so you may switch off a 3kW solar curve to see what happens on the ground floor); I guess this, combined with the chart on persisted data, supports all use cases (despite the fact that the MQTT messages contain the sensors' ID, not their "more convenient" names - what I regard as tolerable); single instance may follow in a "graph"-folder as with the panel (I only use the combined version)...
corresponding release is "v1.2" with integrated Bonjour detection of the FLM... Enjoy.
This all will be obsolete, when Bart releases his TMPO implementation.

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Thanks Markus! Great work!

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Thanks Bart,
I used Putty for the SSH ing the commands and the minute tab is now also OK in FF 31 on Ubuntu 14.04 with mixed content enabled.
For the moment, only relevant for Electricity consumption with pulses. No gas and water consumption now.
Tomorrow i shall test with a current clamp to see what it gives.

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just an observation, no need to reply unless it has additional value :) :
i find it a bit odd we have only a few members complaining about the non working minute tab.

i assume that this issue will be addressed in some update sooner or later
as an upgrade of the forum where we have more flexibility (edit /search/moderate) but this last part is a bit off topic for this forum section.

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Besides M$'s infamous "unexpected display difference", I think the blank screen had something to do with browser's adblockers, privacy 'enhancing' plugins or maybe security measures on the LAN. My knowledge in this is limited though.

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Mine is FLM02A. FW-232

I am a new user and frustrated trying to find answers and all old threads that leave us with no results.
So hopefully this will save a few hours for someone else.

Firefox 36.XX Works. When selecting Minute tab, click on shield just left of web URL and an "Insecure Content" box is displayed - Select [Options] - "Disable Protection". Then all is goodness
When finished viewing minute dash, click again on the shield, [Option] and "Enable Protection"

Opera 28.0 for Windows also works.
Log into Flukso as usual.
In the Dash select Hour. Then select to view Minutes.

In the URL bar to the right you will see a message pop up "O Content blocked" and then turns to a O with a cross through it. Click on the icon and a "Block Insecure Content" box opens up. Click on [Unblock]. No option to block again. Can only close the tab.

Also Firefox for Android works. verison on Google Store as of March 2015.
When FF is open - In the MENU section, where you have New Tab, Find in Page, Tools, Settings, you will also find a "Request Desktop Site"
When opening Flukso dash in the desktop version you get the protection shield in the URL bar. So same as a Windows FF browser, tap on the shield to bring up the window for protection, selection options and disable protection for the session.

All is goodness. :)

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@Ricstar Thanks for checking and reporting mixed content status in FF & Opera.

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My Flukso also has the problem of the minute tab not working. it is not the mixed mode issue, as I don't see a message in Chrome. I tried IE and did get the message, and told it to display the mixed data, but it still doesn't work. Perhaps mine has the issue with the smart main sensor?

Currently I can't SSH into my box because it is out on the utility pole and accessible by WIFI only. Maybe at some point I will get around to carrying a laptop out to it to try it out. Can it be disabled from the Factory?

The phone app (which cost $5.99) does show me the minute data.