using flukso sensor/token for export to another site

does anyone know how the flukso outputs the data for pulse output for water?

i have pvoutput using the flukso sensor and token to collect the water usage.
it works fine for electricity but with water it doesn't work properly. either shows too little or doesn't show at all

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Same way as electricty.
Water sensor sends pulses same as elec pulse meters.
You may need to add multiplier onpvoutput in Extended data rule
v7=v7*5 (v7 is my water sensor on PVoutput. extended data field)

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already setup the rule,

water readings are way out.

flukso site shows what i would guess is pretty close to spot on but pvoutput is totally different and there is no pattern to it.....

what information is pvoutput pulling?
and how can i see it