Using the optical sensor of Smappee to read out the water meter

This might sound a little bit weird :), but I came across a picture of the same water meter I have with the Smappee optical sensor attached to it (of course attached to the Smappee box).
Does anyone know if I could buy that sensor, cut off the connector, strip and attach the wires to the Flukso?

To be honest, I have all components to create an optical sensor myself, but I really don't know how to attach it to the meter. And seeing that picture, I got triggered, even though it is not that cheap...

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The issue with any kind of third-party sensors is, especially with such closed-shop items like from smappee, you don't know what's in, what spec they have, what power suppy they need. If it is a reflective sensor, then it needs some power. If it has an open-collector output, then it will work towards the FLM, but the rest is subject to investigation; and 40$ to start further research, well, hackers may do.
And in contrast attaching a CNY 70 or TCRT 5000 with a piece of wood is not that difficult and much cheaper...

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We've got a second version of an opto-reflective sensor, FLS07A, in the pipeline. The first production batch was completed. We're now testing the probes in different setups.

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You're right. 40$ is too much just to give it a try :)
I'll give the TCRT 5000 a try. And if it doesn't work out, I'll wait for the FLS07A.
Thanks for the replies.

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with all respect... but still waiting for the opto to become available... if someone got it working with the smapee please let me know