wall warts, washing machines and microwave.

We had a blackout the other night. After the power came back on I took the opportunity to run around the house while everyone was sleeping turning items on/off. Found that all the little AC/DC wall warts in my study powering routers, phone chargers, printers, etc give a flukso reading of nearly 30 watts. Probably reading higher than actual real power draw.

Also found two items that really annoyed me. My washing machine as a power switch on the front. It still pulls 40 watts when "off". Also, the microwave, when not in use is a glorified digital clock - that pulls 80 watts!

All switched off at the wall now. My Flukso has paid back its price already. Anyone had similar finds?


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Refrigerators and pumps are actually those parts in our house that gave the most Aha-effect; exchanging two conventional pumps to electronic ones (Grundfos Alpha w/o too much advertising ;-)) actually paid my FLMs. The fridge is the next project.
And, television sets - our Toshiba LCD tele pulls 30W switched off in standby for half an hour thinking it should keep background lighting in a "fast on" mode; here the exchange to an LED version would help.
Interestingly, knowing energy consumption does not necessarily help reducing energy consumption as the "saved" energy usually flows into the next convenience feature. So, I guess, energy saving is in the first place thinking about those things we actually don't need.
Best regards, Markus

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I found the same with my Micro wave and my split system air con.
Air con now has an internal isolating switch.
Microwave turned off at the wall.
Not too worried re the "warts" as most new types for phones etc I cant even measure the current draw unless they are charging.


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Another one: Backlight of a monitor - the backlight of my 2009 iMac eats up to 40W of the computer's 100W total consumption - that I regard freakingly high, so I try to drive it in the lower section of brightness. Someone out there who can measure an actual one with LED backlight?