Want to purchase one, just have a question

So I want to buy the Fluksometer v3E, together with clamps/probes for electricity, water and gas.

About the installation: "This device is meant to be installed near your fuse box."

My problem is that my watermeter, gasmeter end government-installed electricity fusebox are in one place, and from there I got a thick XVB cable to my personal fuse box at another location.

So my problem is that I don't have access to seperate phase cables in the location where the other meters are. Unless I cut open the isolation of the XVB to place the clamps. Doesn't seem smart.

Or am I missing something here?


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If you're using the pulse sensor for the electricity it should work.
I'm using the pulse sensor for the watermeter at a distance of more then 10 meters on a phone cable.

If you have to much interference add a condensor of 0,1µF at the Flukso side.

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Why don't you install the FLM near your fuse box, use the split-core current clamps to measure electricity and extend the water/gas sensors with SVV or UTP lead wire?