Water and gas probes

Water and gas probes are now available through the Flukso shop. They both come with a 2m UL2464 lead wire and can be directly hooked up to the Fluksometer's pulse ports. See the respective shop entries for meter compatibility and detailed installation guidelines.


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Does it needs some power feeding to function?
This is a classical Hall effect sensor, is'nt it?

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These are Reed switches, so they don't need to be powered like Hall effect sensors.

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Pls post some more details photo and instruction (Flukso letters up or down?) for the gas meter probe. Having troubles to install it right.

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See the gas probe page in the web shop:

The image below shows you where the probe should be attached to the Elster gas meter. The probe's laser marks should face upwards. For maximum sensitivity, the probe should be pulled to the front right of the cavity. Secure the probe with some gummy adhesive (kneedlijm).

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@ICARUS75 I lookt at that page before, but the second photo (same as on this page) isn't clear. Tried different options, but my sensor isn't working.

What do you mean with probe's laser marks? Are the on the other site than the text?

There a two holes in de probe, with direction do the point?

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Laser marks = FLUKSO text on the probe. Do you have the same BK-G4 gas meter?

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Yes same BK-G4 gas meter. It's working now. Thank you!

Send you a mail with pics.