Watermeter possible solution ?

In my house i have an not so recent watermeter installed (see picture).
The counter on top is tunable for about 340° so i think the counter movement is driven by an magnet and the water propeller inside has also an magnet. But i don't detect any magnet with use of an compass.
Has anyone already saw those watermeters in Belgium. Brand is unknow, i see only an A and Q.
What can i do to detect the movement, beside the use of an camera, LOL ?

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@ Wizzopa, i sent you an message in return. Do you receive it ?

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@ Fluc,

I'm still waiting for it.

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A friend of mine has the same watermeter, and was also wondering if it could be measured in any way, so if it is possible, I would like to know as well.

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Few days ago, the watercompany did a free replacement of my old watermeter and placed a shiny new Elster V200. Good to know: In Belgium are old watermeters free for replacement if they are older then 16 jears.
No magnetic pulsen this time, but i dit the same solution an with my gasmeter, and used the same optical sensor i had laying around. Power supply came from my Usb of my modem nearby.

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Hi Fluc,

Recently the watercompany also installed a V200 water meter. As I want to measure my water consumption I would like to know how your setup works with the optical sensor?
Which sensor are you using to measure this?
Could you please help me with this?

Kind Regards,
Frederik (dutch, english)

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Hallo Frederik,
I used the same sensor as for my gasmeter consumption:
The power for it you can connect it to the Flukso input 6a for + VDC and - and signal to a chosen pulse input. I preferred to put a serial resistor of 100 Ohm 1/2 of 1/4 W in the + VDC wire to lowering his current consumption.
If you go to Userbase.be there is also written in dutch about the watermeter:

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Hi Fluc.
My gasmeter has no magnetic sensor I can see either. In the pic link is my Gas meter.
Would your optical sensor work on the small needle dial?

Ill start a new thread if you think its a goer :)
If so do you have an english guide to make it work?

Cheers Baz

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Hi Bazz, i looked at your photo...I’m not sure and promising nothing, but you can always try (for the money it costs...)
Can you estimate the distance between the glass and the needle and the thickness of the needle ?
You’re sure that the digits not have a reflector somewhere, but that's is already m³ (1000 L)...
Power the sensor with a flat battery 4,5V, or some usb power block, just for testing if the sensor is really detecting the needle.
There are few other types of optical sensors but not tried them.

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Ordered. Will post up when I give it a go.
Cheers Baz

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This is the same sensor I think, but this can be ordered more easily from NL/BE.

Now I also have a question about this: wil these sensors work with the Flukso v2b and if so: which point does one attach the wires to? There seem to be 4 outpout pins on the sensor but Flukso V2B has only 2 wires per port.

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On the optical sensor print there are indeed 4 pins, Vcc; Gnd; AO and DO.
Vcc is for power the device and need 3,3 to 5 volt. AO = analogue output you don't need, instead you need the DO = digital output; Gnd is ground of course.
On the Flukso v2b on any pulse sensor input there is an + and -.
Gnd comes to the - ; DO comes to the + ; Vcc comes to the connection 6a + but there there must be a serial resistance of 100 ohm 1/2 of 1/4 watt to lower the current from 25mA to approx 14mA because at 24mA the pin 6a is at is maximum of current deliverance , witch is not good.
Yes, the link goes to the same sensor. It is only more than double the price on ebay ;-)

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Watching with interest as to your success !!

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Hi Fluc,

I will use the optical sensor because that one is more accurate.
First I will start with my water meter. The optical sensor is already ordered but I am still looking for the 100ohm resistor.
As there are a lot of types I would like to ask you if you could find one for me..


Will it work to connect all 3 optical sensors with the 100ohm resistor to the v2b FLM?

Kind Regards,

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I'm afraid that only one optical sensor may work with the FLM's 5 V supply, that’s the reason to use the resistor in the first place, because one sensor is just to much with no resistor. The current limit is 25mA on pin 6a.
The other sensors you can connect via a small 5V dc power supply, or why not all three the sensors.
I connect two of them via the usb of my modem/router nearby, so i don 't need a extra power supply.
In the conrad shop are the shipping costs not to much for just one resistor ?
This is the resistor to by (1 piece):
Or here (order 10 pieces, but minimum order is 5 $ i think).
Don't you have a electronic shop in your town ?
Other possibility, go to userbase.be and make an account and contact me (lacer) and read also this topic:
I can send you one via letter, shipping cost = post stamp (postzegel).