[website] add wiki and bugtracker

As the community grows, it will get increasingly difficult to find relevant information

in the forum and, most importantly, to maintain it. I think a wiki (any wiki!) is a good idea for this purpose.

Something similar for bug reporting (including enhancements, perhaps): the ability to handle status, subscriptions and even votes is missing in a forum. I am mostly familiar with BugZilla but, again, I am fine with whatever is selected, as long as it is used.

Any comments?

skynetbbs's picture

yes a sort of wiki can be nice
although the forum isn't soo filled yet ...
at the moment I can only read the following interesting info:

* Connection scheme for 3phase
* interval is 5 minutes
* how to enable "wired" connectivity instead of the default wireless

btw bugs can be reported here : http://dev.jokamajo.org/report

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If you wait until you have a large amount of content, you'll never move anything :-)

If Jokamajo's Trac is to be the official bugtracker for Flukso, then it would be good to know it officially, i.e. having a link directly in the header menu.