whats running every 30 mins overnight

ok so i have finally got my flukso up and running in the new house and finally had some time to look at it. ( i used my pvoutput graph as its a bit easier to read)


i know it's probably my fridge and chest freezer as i hear them running but its the same every night ( and probably during the day hidden in the mix of things getting run aswell)

my question is it the fridge and chest freezer? about 6 and 4 years old
is it normal for the fridge/chest freezer to be running every 30 mins lick clockwork when there not getting opened all night?

im going to turn the chest freezer overnight and see what happens then look at doing the fridge but don't really want to keep that off for 8 or so hours

i have 2x pc's on standby ( i know they both use a bit i think 1 is about 20w!! not sure on the other but was replaced a while ago and haven't checked but the previous one was 10w

1x tv and sound system etc not sure on power draw there think it was about 5w when i measured ages ago.
1x hp micro server ( HTPC) that draws 45w but i don't leave it on atm looking at setting up with an auto on and off and maybe wake on lan if possible
1x RaspberryPI doing solar HWS logging cant remember their usage think its about 2-5w and will have another and a tv in master bedroom when i finish setting it up

then there's the router, switch, NTD (nbn FW internet), usage no idea but not turning them off anyway.
microwave think that's about 1w

im pretty happy with my base standby of 70kw atm without sacrificing much at all. just like to work out whats running every 30 mins

i have tried the embertec-smartswitch but pretty pointless for me since the main items you keep running is the one that uses the power and the load actually increased with that by 1-2 watt so that must use more than the items it has switched off

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could it be the circulation pump and heating ?

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no circulation pump or heating

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This graph shows regular peaks from a small water boiler underneath the sink:


Also, panels reached record yield for this time of year. Nice.

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That is indeed the fridge (you can see the same pattern in my hourly dash) - you have a base load of around 100W which periodically rises to 200W when the compressor is running (in the TMPO chart you'll see spikes on start); this is due to bad control instead of "regulation"; the effect you may see with a thermometer in the fridge: Does it really go below be assigned temperature to keep? On "control" manufacturers just insure that the temperature does not go above that... Therefore some people replace their fridge control by an Arduino regulation - if it is worth the effort may be decided by the educated tinkerer ;-)

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Mine does the same thing overnight - as Marcus says it's the fridge.


Easy way to confirm if you don't want to power off fridge is to change thermostat just before you go to bed by a large amount (hotter or colder) and you'll see the regular duty cycle pattern change.