wishlist flukso rev3

Flukso 3 wishlist:

-temp logging with aux temp sensors
-multiple i/o's to monitor hvac, alarms etc and to switch heating etc
-free ios app from flukso
-jumpersettings to chose kind of input: pulses, A clamp, i/o,...

Feel free to add / comment.

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...to keep the design as simple and cheap as possible (thus, in the current dragino style) I would vote for:

  • more flexible input settings (ADC or Pulse input) as discussed in another thread
  • an API within the code for enhancing the RS-485 capabilities (by that the multiple sensor issues would be solved) on dragino side (push I/O through to the dragino, SPI should be fast enough)
  • an USB host port as alternative/option for the RS-485 interface with corresponding API in the source code

In any case I would like to keep the design simple for allowing also the not too experienced user to use the FLM (all others may switch over to a Raspberry Pi - do you know someone who knows someone you owns one already?)
Best regards

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Would it be possible to upgrade the sensor board rather than the whole unit? Many of the suggestions i have seen are centered around hardware changes to the sensor board (and supporting software). I am sure many of the Fluksonians would have no dificulty swapping the daughter board if it is removable. This may be a lower cost alternative to upgrading the whole device.
Maybe the next sensor board version could have each port configurable, pulse / current clamp / i2c / rs485 / output etc. Configuring in software would obviously be the most convenient for the end user but failing that maybe some dip switches on the sensor board?

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USB host could replace the Wifi and give users the choice of Wifi dongle or 3G dongle beside the Ethernet option if that could be supported with drivers.
For the European market M-Bus is becomming a greater de facto standard for meter output but I think it depends on if the utilities/the industry will make an output available to customers.

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> Would it be possible to upgrade the sensor board rather than the whole unit?


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awesome! when i can we buy one? will they be available via rowetel (or can you find a more economical way of shipping to australia, we want water/gas probes too)?

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We still need to conduct some tests on the prototype boards before we can kick off a production run. And we've got to get the software part coded as well.

Not trying to spoil the party. Just saying that prototype does not equal general availability.

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well if you're looking for testers count me in :)

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@GEBHARDM If you want to keep going with the Rasberry Pi, then this board could be handy: http://harizanov.com/2012/10/rfm12b-to-raspberry-pi-board/

@ICARUS75 I've read your slides, new sensor board looks very cool and promising! I'm also very interested in the 'hacked hexaplugs' for individual energy measuring.

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any eta on the fluko3 boards?

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z-wave interface?

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We've kicked-off production of the new sensor board late last year. There's still some software to be written though.

@peterj There are a plethora of radio interfaces on the market. It's not realistic to support all of them. Why z-wave?

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I am planning to implement domotica into my house this year. Many systems are z-wave compatible. However, there are also systems to read data using URL requests. I've made some php code which will do this.
This week new smart meters (electra and gas) are installed in my house. The P1 connection on the meter looks very interesting.

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  • Ethernet port with power-over-ethernet as power source
  • mod-bus and m-bus support?
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any news on eta for v3?