0.1kWh/day fridge

This is a very cool idea, converting a chest freezer into a 0.1kWh/day fridge:


Somehow I don't think my wife would let me get away with this one....

- David

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Ah, c'mon David, you're disappointing me ;-)
I like this idea alot. After all fridges are constantly on and if it does the job at a lower energy cost, there is no change in comfort.


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Hehehehe, my wife would NEVER let me get away with this one. For some reason women seem to be very resistant to this sort of tinkering.

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i have read the pdf and i think it`s a pretty cool idea.

indeed, the wife-factor needs to be taken into consideration, and also the place needed for operation. as our kitchen is not very large, i have no idea where i could place a horizontal fridge insted a vertical one.

anyway, my fridge is A++ and running my home-server worries me more regarding energy consumption....

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Yesterday was women's day. Let's pause for one minute and be thankful to all the Rosemaries in the world for condoning our quirks.

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I use a converted upright freezer to ripen home made cheese I have added a commercial fridge temperature controller that I bought from ebay for $40.00

The freezer maintains a constant temp in the range of 12-14C and runs about once a day consuming about 80 watts when it does for about 5 minutes.

Its a much cheaper arrangement to run than a modified fridge or a wine cooler.

Of course the adavantage with a chest freezer is the cold doesnt fall out when you open the door..my freezer has individual baskets with doors so that cold loss is limited.