Comparing Flukso to my Electricity Meter

I keep a written log of the readings from my Electricity meter and PV Inverter that I update every few months. I measure kWh Import and Export from my Electricity meter and total kWh from my PV system. With a few sums I can work out the actual electricity my house uses, i.e. subtract away the effect of the PV system.

For example over the past 81 days I have imported 1117, exported 290, and my PV system has generated 521. The actual electricity used by the house is 521-290+1117=1348 or 16.6 kWh/day.

Flukso measures the same thing, but in near real time. I have found that Flusko does read a little high on inductive idle loads, as it is not power factor corrected. However the three month average from Flukso (91 days) is 704W, or 704*24 = 16.9 kWh/day.

Pretty close!

What I would really like to do now is break out our Electric Vehicle energy usage from the rest of the house. I have taken some new steps to reduce my houses electricity lately but at the same time have been driving the EV much more. Maybe a power meter on the EV.

- David

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Hi David,

Thanks for reporting your findings.

You could use an additional clamp to measure your EV charger's electricity usage, or insert a DIN-rail kWh energy meter and connect its pulse output to the Fluksometer's pins 5/6, see this forum post.