2 gas sensors in account

I installed the gas sensor on my new FLM for 4 hours now and still no response.
I noticed that the gas sensor is mentioned 2 times in my account. Two times as "Type=gas" but by "Function" there is once "gas" and once "smart-main". Maybe that is the problem. How can I remove them and install it once again. I already tried to re-configure the ports, but that didn't work...

To be sure: how must the sensor been placed? Letterside towards the digits or otherwise? Not very clear what the "laserside" is....


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Gas smart-main and electricity smart-main are preconfigured for Dutch smart meters.
You don't see them in the dash if not in use.
Can you put a picture of your gas meter ? Did you use the reed contact switch from the Flukso-shop ?
With a compass one can detect the magnet inside the gas meter, if there is one ...

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Here some photos of my gasmeter:

I use an original reed contact from the Flukso-Shop.

With a compass I detect a magnet inside the meter. When I simulate a pulse with a magnet on the sensor, it is registrated correctly on the dash. So I presume that the sensor isn't defect.

Is it possible that the magnetic signal from the meter is too weak to be detected by the sensor? (or is the sensor not sensitive enough?)

Thx for your help!

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Thanks for your reaction, Fluc!
The problem is solved!

The sensor wasn't pushed far enough into the meter (I thought I would damage the wire if I forced it). Now the sensor is fixed tight and problem solved......

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Glad for you, so problem solved :D