3 phase + PV monitoring

I have just connected my FLM02A to a 3 phase switchboard. I selected the 3 phase option and have used the 3 clamp configuration (one clamp per phase connected to ports 1, 2 & 3), which are separate to my PV input. Is there a way I can also graph my PV on to the dash.
Is it as simple as purchasing a 4th clamp and connecting it to port 4? I do not have much knowledge in this area and do not understand the difference between analog, pulse etc.

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Connect the pulse port (4 or 5) of your Flukso with the pulse port (S0) of your GSC-counter (green stream certificate counter). That should do the trick. A normal cable should work (it does for me)

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In my case I didn't have a pulse/S0 port on my GSC counter... so I bought an extra meter. It was for a 1 fase meter 31 euro, including transport costs on http://www.kwhmeter.nl/ and it is working fine.