amount of powerclamps to be installed


I'm wondering, how many measurements inputs can the Flukso handle?

I have a fusebox with about 9 fuses/power-groups, and would like to measure most them on their own, to see how much energy is consumed per power-group.

What are the limits of the system? And is a setup like this possible, or does it need extra (input)port to connect that many power-clamps?


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From the Manual

2.2.4 Sensors
As already indicated in the previous section, a sensor is a logical entity that
can aggregate multiple physical screw terminal ports as de ned in section 1.1.1.
Since the screw terminal contains a maximum of six ports, six sensors per Fluk-
someter will suce. A sensor is de ned by a unique identi er. Sensors can be
enabled or disabled individually. Leave sensors in a disabled state when not
in use. An enabled sensor requires a name. This name will be used in the
Flukso website's charts. It's important that you assign a distinct name for each
enabled sensor associated with your account. By convention, we use main for
total household electricity consumption and solar for photo-voltaic production.
When adding other users to your chart on the Flukso website, the main sensors
will be the ones on display. A sensor can only contain ports of the same class.
Ports that have di erent classes cannot be aggregated into a single sensor. We
now introduce each of the three classes in turn:
Analog Ports #1, #2 and #3 are analog ports. They accept Flukso split-
core current clamps of 50A, 100A, 250A and 500A. A three-phase setup
requires all current clamps to be identical. Besides the current range, you
can also specify the line voltage for each clamp. The default is 230V,6 CHAPTER 2. DEPLOYING
which applies to the mains electricity voltage in most European countries.
Australia and New-Zealand have a 240V power grid. Please consult this
Wikipedia article if you are unsure about your country's mains voltage.
Pulse Ports #4 and #5 on the screw terminal are pulse ports. They are
mapped to sensors #4 and #5 respectively. A meterconstant de nes the
amount of
ow represented by each pulse. For electricity, the unit is Wh
per pulse
while water and gas are speci ed in liter per pulse. Fractional
meterconstants are allowed down to 0.001.
Uart The RS-485 port #6 is mapped to sensor #6. The baud rate is set to a
xed 115200


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Thankyou. I was hoping flukso could a bit more, s I would like to monitor every fuse on its own. Anyway I got the box working and it works great!!!! Thanks guys!