3 phases and the fuse box

I wonder how I can see how many phases I have in the fuse box?

When in the fuse box I have like 16 group switches. Can I also attache a clamb to just 1 group switch and measure the power use for just that single switch?

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Yes you can.
There should be 3 main wires coming in at one end to 3 main switches.

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Hi Bazzle,
3 main wires.....hmmmm, what do you mean by main wires?
Are these 3 main switches in the fuse box?

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That is not an area you should be going to if you are not sure. It is a dangerous place.

The 3 phases come into your property and each one should have an isolating switch.

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You can take a close-up sharp photo of your fuse box with the lid removed and send it to info@flukso.net. Bazzle is right though. If you have no experience with electrical wiring, please find a qualified person to take care of the installation for you.