Access to FLM via wireless interface

Hi all,

I was preparing to put my FLM in the meter box and disconnect the ethernet cable that I am using at the moment to get access to the FLM settings. I read this post about changing the FLM's firewall settings with a few shell commands via ssh.

I used putty on Win7 to SSH into the FLM with username/password root/root


  1. uci set firewall.@zone[1].input=ACCEPT
  2. uci commit
  3. exit

Still no joy getting web access to the FLM's administrative functions at Do I need to turn the FLM off and on again? Do I need to use something other than port 80?


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The config is correct. However, you still need to reload the firewall for the settings to take effect.

  1. root@flukso-9caf78:~$ /etc/init.d/firewall reload

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Thanks Bart. I will reload the firewall tonight after work. Once that is done I think my FLM will be ready to be packed away into the meter box never to be seen again. I am hoping that my meter box is not too much like a faraday cage...

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When this manip is done, the wifi become accessible via web interface, and ssh.
But should the "minute" graph still working?
Or is it mutually exclusif ?
I tell you that because my "minute" shows me the message:
"Error - The call for sensor PV pulse output experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM."
I have just also added a third sensor (a S0 pulse for my PV production)

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@Pirlouwi You should be able to access the minute graph, i can after doing the same firewall changes. I think if you still have the ethernet cable plugged in you may have issues as i think it is the presence of the ethernet connection that toggles the FLM to ethernet mode and i imagine this may cause wireless issues.
Also if you can access the FLM wirelessly via http then check the "System" tab, in the wireless section there is a "Link" field. Mine shows 31 out of 70 which i take to be a received power level / quality indicator. Not sure how low it can go before you get connection issues. Before i moved my FLM i was getting 23/70 and could still connect and use the minute graph.
@Jasonp My FLM is in an all metal switchboard and then it is tucked inside the breaker panel (also metal) and i get 31/70 to my wifi access point which is over 10 metres and two walls away. My power level is listed as 19 dBm, i assume that is my FLM's transmitted power level.

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Thk for your comment. It is ok now. There was apparently a lock of the minute graph, due to the fact a new sensor had been configured and no data history were avalaible. This is what i deduce, but without certitude.