How to lock IP address

I have been trying the FluksoMeter app for Iphone and it's pretty good. However the app gets stuck when IP address for the Flukso doesn't match. How do I set a fixed IP address for the Flukso in my own network, eg. 192.168.2.x?

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If I remember well, you can assign a fixed IP in Network -> Internet connection. Choose 'manual' in the drop down menu and fill in the required fields. - JG

It's a bit confusing. From the manual:

6 CHAPTER 2. DEPLOYING Note 1 Art thou WAN or LAN?
The default settings listed on the network page will mostly work just fine. Should this not be the case, it’s important to understand which section on the network page applies to which interface. In wifi mode, the Local Network or LAN section refers to the ethernet interface while the Internet Connection or WAN section is associated with the wifi interface. So if you want to assign a fixed IP address to the wifi interface, then you should set the Protocol for the Internet Con- nection to manual and fill in the additional form fields. Conversely, if you wish to change the IP settings on the ethernet interface, then the Local Network section should be edited.
We understand this configuration aspect will be the cause of some confusion. We however cannot apply the ethernet and wifi naming to these sections directly since they are swapped when toggling the Fluksometer into ethernet mode. The Internet Connection will in this case refer to the ethernet interface and the Local Network to the wifi interface.

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As alternative provide a fix IP address to the FLM's MAC in your router - so on every DHCP renewal it will get the same address assigned...

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What i did was simply set the IP address as permanent in my wifi access point (router). Basically the Flukso still asks the router for an IP address (DHCP) from the router each time it boots up but the router always gives it the same address.
Depending on your router this option may be called something like "Infinite Lease" or "Permanent IP".
This saves having to manage manual settings in the Flukso. It also means i can go to my router to get the status and IP address of all devices on my network both fixed and dynamic.

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@Gebhardm I should write shorter posts, then i wouldnt get second place. :)

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@Fusionpower: Exactly what I was looking for. However the only thing similar to permanent IP or infinite lease I can find on my US Robotics 5461 wifi router is "Static Routes" where I am supposed to fill in IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway and Hops. Is that it and how would I fill it in?
The DHCP server is enabled but I cannot assign lease times longer than 7 days.

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Use a real router like routerboard, monowall or pfsense, then you can give fixed DHCP leasses.

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Yup, time to invest in a new router. Found this on the Internet on the USR5461: " It's true that you can't assign a fixed IP address to a specific MAC address."