Actaris g4 gallus 2000 and FLS02-F1


I have an actaris g4 gallus 2000 gas meter:

installation guide:

Do you know if the FLS02-F1 would work with it ?

The page in the shop only says "The probe is compatible with the Elster BK-G4/BK-G6 and the Actaris G4RF1 gas meters."

There is a magnet (I check with a compass), but it does not trigger the Hall effect sensor I tried on it.

More information here about the sensor and what I have done already:

I chose a Hall effect sensor instead of a reed switch to avoid having to deal with debouncing. From the price, I guess the FLS02-F1 has debouncing included. Is this correct ?

How is the FLS02-F1 interfaced ? I see only two cables on the picture. Is the ground in the foil ?