Minute Data Remotely

Would there be a way to read 'minute' data remotely.. ie. On a pc at work etc?

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I use a VPN connection to my home network ... works fine ...

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I guess I will have to search out what a VPN is .
Many thanks

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VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network". In a nutshell, it's a way for you to get access to your home network from anywhere in the world via the public internet, as if you were at home. The way it works is that traffic that flows between wherever you are and your internal network is encrypted, so computers spying on the traffic between you and your home network can't make sense of the data.

Be warned that it's fairly complex to set up a VPN correctly, and that it's even more complex to do it such that it is actually secure. If you are not familiar with networking, I'd recommend to get someone who is and can help you configure things correctly.



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in the netherlands there is a vpn option in the cable modems of ziggo ...

i use a routerboard for routing ....

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VPN is not easy to setup if you are not an IT guy
You can try Chrome Remote Desktop . Its free , easy and secure.
just keep the code save and you are fine

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Thanks Sem , Ill have a look later .