ap51-flash-gui.exe program

My old Flukso bricked today and I'm having trouble finding the ap51-flash-gui.exe program as the link in the no-ip method doesn't work. Would anyone be able to share the file please?.

Thanks Ian vk2him at gmail . com

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I just sent you the executable. Gmail was a bit anal so I had to rename/zip+encrypt/rename to get it to pass the checks.

Good luck on your flashing. I hope you have more luck than me... :(

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Thanks so much for that - I was able to reflash my firmware on my desk however when I moved the Flukso back to it's normal location near the fuse box, it had lost it's settings and had bricked itself again in the short time the power was removed. I ended up needing to flash it in place so I didn't have to power it off.

I opened the Flukso and I can see a small 16v capacitor - I couldn't see any battery or other capacitor so I wonder if that Cap needs replacing. I'll start a new thread asking if anyone has experience with this. I'll also ask you some questions on your thread about the problem you're seeing in case I can help you.


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UR welcome. I was looking for the schematics for this FLM02B (Dragino v1.0), I also asked Bart (owner of Flukso) for help, even willing to buy a new FLM, if only they were available to buy. Of course, fixing the existing one is the prefered solution, as it seems I'm not the only one having trouble after reflash, might be good to get to the bottom of this.
Changing the cap shouldn't be too hard but I fail to see why a power supply buffer cap would cause a bricking of the FLM. Unless it has to do with some safeguarding of the flash memory?