Collecting data from Flukso Kube


I recently paired a "flukso Kube" in order to measure T° and relative humidity of a specific room.
Unfortunately, I can not find the data in the Flukso dashboard.

Is there a way to see in realtime, read and or download the kube's data ?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,
Benjamin BIOT

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Any help here ?
Thank you.

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out of interest, where did you get your Kube?
I never saw it actually being sold, so a few years ago I made a few myself. In fact I still have parts for a few more I think.

Anyhow, I got them working but technology had progressed so much that I went to a (mostly) of the shelf Zigbee (with generic Z2M gateway software + decent Zigbee adapter) solution with HomeAssistant as an IoT hub.
I was soldering at the time without proper gear so not all sensors were working fine. Still some proper values were showing up in the Kube part of the locally delivered Flukso web server.
And they were publicised via MQTT. So that worked 'fine'.

The values were never included in the Flukso normal dashboard. I felt it was a developer solution more than an end-user solution. So the market is very limited. The ecosystem around the Kube never got finalized I feel.
It was a nice project, at inception ahead of it's time but later on the market was pushing towards other solutions.