api.flukso.net version number?

The most up to date manual I can find on using the Fluksometer dates from Mar 2013 so I suspect that some parts may now be out of date.

Specifically I am trying to call the api.flukso.net to fetch sensor readings for a water meter (which are being accurately displayed on the online dashboard).

As per the instructions in the manual, I am setting X-Version to 1.0 (& have also tried passing it as a query parameter version=1.0) but am getting a "wrong version number" error. Unfortunately I cant find any more recent documentation that confirms what the newer API version number is (I tried 1.1 :-).

See the attached. Thanks

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To rule out anything odd in my (Fibaro Home Center 2 Lua based) environment, I have tried curl.

Interestingly, this doesnt return a wrong version number error but an HTTP 400 Bad Request even though I believe that what I have supplied exactly matches the manual (but it is possible of course that the API has changed since then).

C:\ curl -k -v -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Version: 1.0" -H "X-Token: bf3ed51aeee0a5848841fe2a8826b5ec" "https://api.flukso.net/sensor/bce87f8b06951e501a14a64014e5f4c5?interval=day&unit=liter"

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I am having a nice conversation with myself here :-)

I have worked out why I was getting an HTTP 400 Bad Request using curl; I was specifying an invalid unit. I was using "liter" (continental spelling) as this was one of the choices available on the dashboard. Changing this to lpermin, returned data.

So now I just need to work out why I am having issues calling the API from the Fibaro Home Center 2... (I wonder if it is something to do with HTTP protocol version?)

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Just in case anyone is interested (probably not;-)

I am fairly certain that the issue I am having trying to call the Flukso API from Fibaro Home Center 2 relates to a TLS / SSL cipher issue (I think the Fibaro only supports SSL 3 and from what I can determine, Flukso.net, TLS 1.0 and it is this that results in a a handshake wrong version error.

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I'm loving the commentary!

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Actually everything on the Fluksometer is in lua scripts. So, if you are a command line specialist anyway, log on to the FLM via ssh and take a look for yourself. This is how I made all my stuff working... See the source section for details. It should not be too hard to find out on how to revitalize the REST api, even though I would strongly recommend to go for MQTT. A pi zero will donas man in the middle.