Is it possible to use emoncms for data gathering with the Flukso v2?

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Very interested in this as well

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Yeap it would be very cool if we can do this :)

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bump :)

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I don't know the emoncms architecture in depth. But I'm sure you could adapt Flukso and/or emoncms code to do this as they're both open source projects. Did you ask the question on the emoncms forum?

Interoperability is indeed an issue in the current metering landscape. I intend to raise the topic at EC1210.

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Thanks for your reply.

No I did not. I will.
The idea is to use a local server that is easy to install... Recreating a flukso server seems to be overly complicated where emoncms is a simple install.
I will head to their forums and see what they say.


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One of the developers show interest in seen flukso work with emoncms.
This is the door for two open source projects to make something awesome!
I am not big in to web development but he ask "If the fluxo can do at http GET request"
I am willing to test I just need to be pointed to the right direction on where I need to look. I have emoncms installed on my webserver.


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Also interested in this!

I want to additionally log temperature from outside, inside, boiler temp, CH-system temperature. Using some DS18S20's :-). Then combine all graphs :-).

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I hope that more people show interest. This can get the developers attention :D

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The mqtt description exists for rather a long time and there was at least some debate about it