Availabilty and site continuation.

I have noticed that there doesnt seem to be any Flukso for sale any more. I know there are 100's out there probably closer to 1000's more .
Hopefully there will be another run of FL2's for all the new people who use Solar generation systems.
This is in my opinion the best and simplest unit on the market.
If not what is the longevity of the reporting of current units from here and to data sites like PVOutput?


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This is a dead project, I am looking to migrate out to Open Energy Monitor. FL2s are already dead as they are not selling the ct's any longer, only FL3 and FL3 are nowhere to be found.

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I use pulse outputs from din rail. No ct's.
Hopefully the reporting won't go down to PVOutput anytime soon?
If so please give enough notice to users so we can migrate to something as easy and cost effective :)

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Would be a pity if a server goes down. Please keep running for least three years as in Belgium we don't need to install a so called 'smart meter' until 2025.

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And if it shuts down?
Ive found nothing as easy to set up, uses pulse meters and intgrates with PV Output seamlessly.

We would need another affordable user friendly unit.
Come on Icarus75 make some more units for sale to keep this going please :)

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Yes, loosing the Flukso server and PVOutput would be bad news.
Perhaps i shall implement Home Assistant later but if is far from easy to set up.
Fortunately, my hacked Flukso (from @gebhardm) will stay working ... until it is bricked ?

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I lost my flukso recently after 10+y of good service, and had to move to Home Assistant.
The software itself is very easy to set up, and supports all the sensors and platforms you can think of.

For power monitoring, you can either buy ready to use sensors (more expensive), or build yourself a sensor with an ESP32 controller (DIY electronics, but way cheaper if you use multiple CT clamps)