CT clamp

anyone know of decent 3rd party CT clamps?

I have 2 running on the parents flukso and corrected the values using the known value of the 3600w hot water element obviously keeping it on the same item its going to read the same so one works fine

but when I use the other one on the normal load it is way out.
I have to times the value by 0.738011 ie 3/4 of what the reading is showing. but when on the normal house load its reading 2800 - 3600w still and it should be around 200w to 500w unless cooking or aircon/heating.

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Give me a day or so and I will search for my old clamps. I use pulse meters now.

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that would be great.
I swapped my clamps around with hot water and consumption and the values do seem better so one clamp might be more linear in reading than the other.
worst thing is the FL03 dont read the voltage so with the fluctuation of voltage due to solar the readings are always a bit hit and miss.

id love to put a pulse meter on the parents flukso but need to be able to read in both directions (location of inverter doesnt allow proper segregation for metering) and im having trouble finding something that
1. can do it .
2. that's actually an acceptable price.... the only thing I have found was like $800 and they would only sell to a registered electrician.

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I need more time. "Things" have been "Put Away" by the boss who knows where :)

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haha no stress . they seem to be behaving atm im not really sure what caused it but they went really silly for a couple of days...
with no changes they are working acceptable again.
would be good to have the correct clamp though.

I know all to well about things being put away... normally the day before you go looking for it :)