Available in USA?

I haven't seen any discussion about this, so I was wondering when the Flukso v2 might be available for shipping or purchase in the USA?

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We do not (yet) have a North-American distributor for the Fluksometer, although we did obtain full FCC certification for the FLM02A. You can however order units directly from us. Just send us a mail with the products you desire and we'll draft you a pro-forma invoice.

US households are typically equipped with a 120V/240V split-phase power system. So you'd most likely require 2x 100A clamps.


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I placed an order via your SHOP 2 days ago, it has yet to be updated.
How long does it typically take to process the order and ship to the US?

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We normally ship twice a week. Your order has been shipped in the meantime.